Why would I need a personal trainer?

If you want results and you can’t get them yourself, training with a good personal trainer will turn that around. You might be bored with doing the same exercise routine over and over and want something to stimulate your training and to do something new. Maybe you just need help to stay motivated to ensure you achieve the results you want.

Do I have to be fit and in shape to come to the gym?

No. Many of our clients are unfit before they start. We’ll get you fit and into shape, no matter where you are currently.

Do you also train sports teams?

Yes, we do a variety of training for sports teams, including pre-season conditioning and fitness training throughout the playing season.

You are a 24/7 gym with swipe card access, so how do I come to see the gym before I decide to join?

We provide 24/7 swipe card access for our members so they can train at their convenience. However there is usually a staff member in the gym during the day and the gym is unlocked at these times. You can also contact us to arrange a time to show you around.